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Hi and thanks for visiting Explore Around The Corner. My name is Alistair and I’m a huge fan of the outdoors and all the positive energy that comes from it. I’m extremely fortunate in living where I do in that I have a range of environments right on my doorstep, from the wilderness of woodland that is literally 5 minutes away to the Brecon Beacon mountain range, and the coast, all combining to provide the best playground I could possibly wish for.

Now I don’t take anything for granted and I’m fully aware of how lucky I am in both where I live and how I was bought up. My parents were both outdoor minded people and we spent many holidays camping in places like the lake district, Scotland and the Yorkshire dales climbing hills and mountains and generally going on adventures.

As I got older I was hugely fortunate to be able to take a trip to the Canadian rockies, all of which has fuelled my ambitions to go higher and further for as long as I can. However I am also very aware that this is not the lifestyle or even the dreams of everyone. Whilst adventure is just my thing, having an outlet to unplug from the stresses of life for a while is hugely important, and will go a long way to increasing wellbeing and personal contentment.

I also believe that everyone has a corner they can explore around. This might take them on a small walk around the block, to clear the head, it might take them out for the afternoon exploring the local park, or somewhere to find some peace and quiet, it might take them off somewhere they haven’t been before for a visit, it might even take them off on an adventure to somewhere they’ve never been. Wherever your corner takes you, I would love to hear about it and, and what you experienced.


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