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What is Exploring Around The Corner?

Step outside – find your happy place Well…pretty much what it says. Pick up any book on adventure and it will have pages of people who have spent months if not years planning every minute detail of a trip that has taken months if…

Escape to the Wilderness

My go to for a quick escape to a quiet place. If I have a spare 20 minutes or so and I need to clear the head, I usually #explore around my corner, head up the road and dive down into a small wood….

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Life is What You Make It “Routine drains the soul” “No one remembers time spent in the office or mowing the lawn” “Live life and be free” “Modern life is full of obstacles” All the above are famous quotes by someone or other, and…

Planning For Adventure

Simply by finding this and following my exploits, suggests you love the idea of travel and adventure. But what is adventure? Is it climbing mountains, crossing oceans, paddling down rivers in open boats? All of these things but adventure is also so much more….

Measuring Success

Success is what you make it Never measure yourself by what others do! I know people who do bigger, longer more exciting things than me. I know people who are more creative and have different lifestyles to me. So, what. What’s important to me…

Local Fuss Free Adventure

Adventure is just around the corner I’m pootling along ok: I’m able to take myself off for a trip somewhere, the odd one or two are even beyond what I thought was achievable when I first set out. I’m living adventure enough to feed…

Dream Big Think small

The only limit is your imagination Have you ever had that thought, “Oh I would love to try that but…?” I know I do a lot. Mostly that’s it, just a thought, but occasionally things fall in to place and I can find myself…

First Steps

Get off the treadmill and live life on your terms Get Going The alarm goes off, shower, breakfast and out of the door, endure the daily commute, do work, come back, a few fleeting hours with the family, and bed before repeating the exact…

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