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Adventure is just around the corner

I’m pootling along ok: I’m able to take myself off for a trip somewhere, the odd one or two are even beyond what I thought was achievable when I first set out. I’m living adventure enough to feed the spirit (the primal urge to do crazy stuff and test the limits). I get my inspiration from others and live life doing stuff I enjoy as much as I can.

For me adventure is something that happens as soon as you step out of the normal routine. As much as I enjoy trips to places I have yet to explore, stepping out and exploring around the corner is just as fulfilling and is usually much easier to achieve. I’m truly lucky to live where I do and have the abundance of options from woodland walks to mountain climbs, and beaches all less than an hour’s drive from my front door.

Use what you have available

I fully understand that not everyone lives in the same environment, but then not everyone considers adventure in the same way. I firmly believe you don’t actually need to travel to the ends of the earth to have an adventure, you can explore what’s around your own corner. Many people in life will claim to be adventurous, “live life to the full”, or “have a free spirit”, very many of these will actually have any sort of adventure in their life. That’s fine, who am I to say how people should lead their lives. But if you want to change that, its perfectly easy to do.

Think of something really crazy and go do it – simple. Go on a bike ride through the woods, find a slope and get covered in mud. Go out in the evening to the highest point in your local area, and watch the sun go down, or moon come up, or just watch what happens below you as the day closes and the night begins. Find a hill, grab a tent and sleep on it (that might be a bit too crazy for some), whatever you do, find something that makes you feel alive and go do it. Sometimes you need to take a punt and think well if it doesn’t work out I can just come back and try something else another time. There are very few things in life that we can’t walk away from. The most important decision to take is the decision to go.

Go for what you can reach for

So far for me, making the decision to stop trying to reach impossible goals (I would like to climb Everest but really…..is that truly achievable), and to start taking smaller trips locally where I can get to by walking, has allowed me to have much more adventures and experience more.

It’s a small success that’s come from looking at what is possible and what isn’t, make changes when I need to, and perhaps most importantly of all – going and doing it.

This is true for anyone not just me. Anyone can make use of their local area, and find that beauty spot, or secret place. Just getting out in the quiet and unplugging from life is a great medicine and can treat all sorts of problems.

Today’s lifestyles force us to conform and live under a set of rules. The concept of doing anything remotely “adventurous” is frowned on, and time is a precious treasure we don’t have much of. But what of the time we do have, how are we spending that. We could just sit in front of the TV and watch people shout at each other, or we could get up and have an adventure.

Time is something we can never get back – Choose to do what makes you happy

What are you going to do with your “me” time? Look for opportunity in everything everywhere. Look at the possibilities not the barriers.

So this is a bit crazy, but works for me: imagine jumping in a river (a small one that you can get out of easily!). If you don’t have a river, try a cold shower.

How does that make you feel – Scary – The first step is the hardest, it’s a totally mad thing to do – what in any of this makes sense? – But you know you must leap.

Once the initial shock is over you start to get used to it – that wasn’t so bad- and then you start feeling amazing! That feeling stays with you all day and you’re so glad you did it.

It’s the same feeling adventurers the world over search for, it’s just they look for it on a huge scale. You don’t need to travel miles away, with bags and bags of expensive kit. If you know where to look you can have the same experiences locally wherever you live and with whatever you have in the cupboard.

So, my message is a simple one – go for it.

Jump into your river, Commit, Leap, Begin.

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