What am I about – I believe that modern life is full of pressures to conform and live in the same way, doing the same thing as everyone else. As children we need to work hard in school, pass our exams and get a good job. As adults we’re expected to work hard, get a good job (which usually means well paid) and buy lots of everything. As we get older if we don’t have the right size house, or meet with what people expect us to be, society brands us as outcast or somehow not the same as everyone else.

We’re so busy trying to achieve something we don’t have any time to achieve anything. We don’t get a chance to find our “happy places”, or experience something that might change the course of our lives. People are so focused on doing what they think is expected of them that they don’t see life passing them by. No one remembers the time spent in the office or working the 9-5, its the experiences doing the out of the ordinary stuff that has the real impact.

All this pressure leaves its mark, more and more people are suffering with their wellbeing (or lack of it) and struggling to find alternatives. For me I found my release in simply going outside, finding my own happy place and unplugging from the world for a while. If you read the bio in my “Home” page, you’ll see most of this is heading for the hills or in to the woods or such like.

The blogs and pages within this site are created to try and show those that are interested, how to unplug, find their own place, and explore around their own corners. You don’t have to do anything as dramatic as climb a mountain to experience the positive energy of the environment around you.

I would love to start a community of people exploring around their corners, and using this site to talk about their experiences. Where did you go, what did you do, how did it make you feel – So go explore your own corner.

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