Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Life is What You Make It

  • “Routine drains the soul”
  • “No one remembers time spent in the office or mowing the lawn”
  • “Live life and be free”
  • “Modern life is full of obstacles”

All the above are famous quotes by someone or other, and people will claim to live their lives by them. To truly experience a sense of peace or surge of adrenaline or just to simply find some quiet, in todays world you need to push yourself.

The first thing to realise is that there’s nothing stopping you – and I mean nothing – the next thing is that if your determined enough, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

So, let’s get ready and go on an adventure!

Start somewhere – it doesn’t matter where just start.

I’ve climbed the mountains of the UK, I’ve experienced the Canadian Rockies, I’ve reached the top of North Africa, but I’m still searching for adventure. This mindset has taken to me places I never thought possible. If I can do it living my normal average everyday life, then anyone can, if only they want it enough. Find your own comfort zone, push your own envelope and see just what your capable of.

I completely understand that adventure is all things to all people. Getting out and doing something you find adventurous should first and foremost be fun, it’s completely pointless if your not going to enjoy it. But going that bit further and experiencing something that made you push yourself just that little bit more than normal, that’s when you feel energised and start building a mindset that gets you thinking anything is possible.

The more I do the more I learn. The more I learn the more I can do

The more adventures I did, the more my self confidence grew, leaving me feeling that I could tackle bigger things. If I can plan an adventure as far as Morocco, completely by myself and reach the highest point in North Africa, what else am I capable of?

It fires my ambition. daring myself to go higher, further and for longer.

Almost everything worth doing well is difficult. That’s why achieving what you first thought impossible is such a brilliant concept. It helps keep your fears at bay and encourages you to go for it, and just get started. You’ll never know what you can do unless you begin.

Only be limited by how big you can dream

Whatever you dream of doing there is only one thing to do: DO IT! Start now, take the first step. Plan, don’t get discouraged, continually push your comfort zone and get passed obstacles.

Looking at some of the stuff I’ve done helps me appreciate how much I’ve learnt, which gives me more confidence that I’ll be able to work my way through whatever the next big, daunting hurdle is that appears before me.

The limits you push will be very personal to you and can be in many different forms. Each challenge you overcome is a step forward and will only add to life’s enjoyment.

Think plan, do and act!

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